MiLi Smart Cap - Coming Soon!

This product is not yet available for consumer sale. 

Introducing a hat that protects more than just your head.

Style Meets Function with the MiLi Smart Cap

A Bluetooth powered MiLi UV sensor is woven into high-performance fabric on the brim of the cap.

The MiLi UV sensor uses NASA inspired heat-sensor technology to give you real-time updates of when you’ve had too much sun or it’s time to apply sunscreen.


Convenient Mobile App Connection

Bluetooth connection means you can also receive Push notifications on your phone of when to apply sunscreen.  

Via the app, you also have the ability to further measure your sun exposure by recording your skin type and level of sunscreen.


A Cap Designed with Performance in Mind.

Your golf game requires steady focus, so tasks like checking your phone or applying sunscreen are easily forgotten.

When UV exposure is dangerous, the UV sensor on your hat flashes red, when UV levels are safe, it flashes blue.

Playing it safe, the light emitted from the sensor is mild and wont distract your opponents golf game.


Bluetooth 4.0 Transmission

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android Mobile Devices. 

UV Sensor

  • Waterproof
  • System Requirements: iOS7+, Android 4.3+


  • Moisture Wicking, Antimicrobial, UV Protection