Hydrogen rich water from Mili Pure Spray.



Health benefits of enriched hydrogen liquids are well documented in scientific papers.  In skin care main benefits comes from ability of hydrogen to penetrate deep in the skin layers and neutralizing free radical thus acting as anti-oxidants. Free radicals are major attributor to inflammation and premature aging of skin tissues.  In this case hydrogen neutralizing free oxygens and only by product created is water.

Hali-Power Mili pure spray is using electrolysis as means of enriching mineral waters with hydrogen.  Levels of hydrogen vary depending on mineral content of water. Therapeutic levels of dissolved hydrogen are in the range of 1 to 1.5 ppm as complete saturation is 1.56 + ppm.

Why is Molecular Hydrogen So Effective? – Zero Toxicity of Hydrogen to human tissues combined with small size of the hydrogen molecule is key components in effectiveness.





Antioxidants are essential for the survival of all living things. The human body even generates its own antioxidants, such as the cellular antioxidant glutathione. Plants and animals, and all other forms of life, have their own defenses against free radicals and the oxidative damage caused by them. Therefore, antioxidants are found in pretty much all foods of plant and animal origin.

Our skin is exposed to environmental elements like sun rays, pollution, household chemicals and others. Skin is able to receive antioxidant from our digestive system but at the same time skin as larges organ in our body can absorb nutrients and antioxidants by direct topical application.

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MiLi PURE SPRAY-delivering hydration-antioxidant boost and cooling effect to your skin.