A few months ago, I went to an industry event where each editor's skin hydration levels were tested using the MiLi Pure Skin Moisture Analyser. It syncs to your phone, and after you open the MiLi app, you press the analyser to your skin, and it will tell you how moist your skin is. Much to my total horror, my skin registered a zero. Zilch. I demanded my neck get tested in case my foundation and powder were messing with the accuracy of the meter, but even then I only received a 10. Other editors received 25s, 30s—the hosts of the event, two Korean beauty experts with glass-like skin received numbers in the 80s. Convinced that my skin was shriveling up like a prune, I decided it was time to make changes. I drink a ton of water every day, I quit coffee—I wasn't doing anything that could have an effect on my skin other than using peels and retinols a few times a week, which I suspected were the culprits, despite the fact that I used hydrating serums and hyaluronic acid gel creams every night. But maybe I was just using the wrong moisturisers.

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